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Oh, did we mention that not all zombies are created equally? screenshot-matt-z1-1280x800px unity-2012-07-03-12-21-39-90 zone-2-shelly-pistol-enemy-no-die-error Power-up for a killing spree! zombie ravenwood04 A classic zombie killing weapon, the chainsaw is powerful and allows for maximum damage

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GraveStompers on Google Play! "Zombies...Music...Weapons.... GraveStompers puts you in the character of Max, an undead kid whose new-found purpose in life is zombie eradication.

A variety of weapons - lead pipes, bats, guns, chainsaws - are at your disposal. Navigate your way through Ravenwood Cemetery, Protect the Town of Slumbering Cove, then use your unnatural talents to smash, slice, chop, and grind your way through armies of undead zombies.

GraveStompers puts a whole new spin on the zombie genre. Check out our dev blog for more information!


Interactive Max

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